Wednesday, November 16, 2016

So Many Homeless Youth... Here's Why!

Over the next 100 days Philadelphia is taking part in a Street Homelessness Challenge during which the city is working to put an end to youth homelessness. Many of these youth are ones who have aged out of foster care at 18 or 21-years-old, but have no “permanent” home. These youth are now part of Philadelphia's homeless population because there aren't any effective “independent living” services available for them.

Philadelphia needs to do away with this model that doesn't work. However, they must also show concern for those youth who are already homeless because of this failed system.

One organization that's picking up on this is CARE (Caring Adults R Everywhere). They're cultivating supportive relationships between these youth and a caring adult. These youth need these relationships and not just life skills.

This isn't the end all answer to everything. We're also working hard to help these youth. It's time for others to understand this problem and get involved too. What will you do today?

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