Monday, January 16, 2017

A 5 day Look at What Trump Means for Homelessness: Day 1

As we prepare to install Trump as president this week, I believe it's important to understand what he's going to mean for homelessness. With this in mind, here's day 1...

Decreased Funding for Affordable Housing

Homelessness isn't inevitable. In fact, here's the reality...

Our paychecks aren't covering our basic needs: housing! This is because of the massive cutbacks to federal housing funding that occurred in the early 1980s and haven't been restored today. Now "only 1 out of 4 income-eligible renters receive assistance."

Trump’s commitment to increasing defense spending and lowering taxes will result in further cuts to housing and other anti-poverty programs. Additionally, Trump wants to cut non-defense spending by 1% every year. This will further devastate affordable housing programs who need more money each year so they can just keep up with inflation. It doesn't help that Secretary of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), Ben Carson, has NO experience with housing policy.

Couple with this:

  • House Speaker Ryan has an anti-poverty agenda that includes welfare reform (including work requirements and time limits) and blocking more funds. 
  • Congress is already drafting a comprehensive tax reform bill that threatens the Low Income Housing Tax Credit program. 
Trump is sure to pass these things. When he does, we're sure to witness a major increase in the number of people who are homeless.


  1. Sad thoughts, indeed, but lets pray that God will lead in all things government - because He is the only One who can direct the "heart of the king" as it says in Psalms somewhere. And we don't trust in man or king - butGod alone. Next to you at Jes this morning. Praying, too , that God will show -off Himself in this week of inauguration. Blessings on your efforts to meet the many needs of others!

  2. Oh, I read more and more every single day that just eats away at me in regard to the new leadership of this country. I am also saddened as Sue says. I lift so many concerns to the Creator and Caretaker of His creations. May He reign.

  3. I am next to you at #LLMLinkup today. I can see your concern for the ministry and area God has given you a heart for, the homeless. You are very passionate and want to not see them left out, or set aside. I pray that no matter what the government chooses to do or not do that God will give you revelation on how to help those in need in your area and others, so they will not become homeless. God has the answers and the revelation needed to radically change what needs to be changed. I know man doesn't have the answers, unless God gives them. Trump won't have the answers, unless God gives them. So we pray that GOd fives the answers to both man, women and those leading this great nation. I stand upon the Word of God and trust that as we pray and proclaim Gods promises, He can direct the hearts of men, presidents,and even a whole nation. Blessings and you continue to minister to those in need.