Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Hard at work behind the scenes this week...

I've been busy reaching out and getting connected to other ministries and organizations who can be a blessing to my friends who live down on Aramingo. These include:

One Love South Jersey

Michael, owner of this great ministry, was a real blessing last month. It's thanks to him that we had coats to pass out.

The Shower Truck

A new ministry coming to Philly and already being asked about by some of my homeless friends down on Aramingo...It's exactly what it sounds like: a truck with showers in it, coming soon with more updates to follow.

Miracle Messages

Another new ministry coming to Philly, which I believe will be a great one... The goal is to allow our homeless friends to create a short video for someone they want to try to reach out to. The ministry then attempts to find the people and share the video with them on their behalf with the ultimate goal being to reunite our homeless friends with their loved ones.

The Joy of Sox

This is one I just reached out to this morning and we're supposed to be getting approximately 100+ pairs of socks, which is great because our homeless friends on Aramingo have really been stressing the need for this.

I look forward to making many other great connections in the coming weeks and months of this ministry. These are just the beginning and while I'm really looking forward to working with them, I'm also looking forward to seeing who else we can work with too!

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  1. I liked your post very much. Thanks for sharing your experience with us. Keep sharing more stuff with us and keep adding more good stuff.