Friday, May 19, 2017

Under Construction...

What started out as a ministry in Philadelphia is being slowly transformed and reborn...

Two weeks ago I moved back home to Pittsburgh after running this ministry for a year. I felt the need to be back with family and friends again. At the same time, I've also started Seminary and wanted to be back in my home church again as I take classes.By no means does this change my heart for the homeless, it simply changes the location from which I minister to them. However, I'm currently taking a bit of time off to re-establish myself here in Pittsburgh and see what ministries are here and how I can connect with them.

Finding the homeless in Pittsburgh is different than finding them in Philly. They're here, but Pittsburgh does a better "job" of burying the issue. Given time I'll figure this out and find my niche once again. In the mean time, I want to thank everyone who helped with this ministry while it was in Philly and hope that many of you will still keep us in your hearts as we transition it to its new location here in Pittsburgh.

More to come so stay tuned, thank you!

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  1. Well its good news that something good has started and hopefully it will turn out to be fine for the people of the area. Great job and hopefully it will get better soon.