Friday, September 21, 2018

A Look in the Mirror

I'm working on my masters and one of this week's assignments was to write about what makes us angry. I think this is worth sharing here, you'll see why in a moment...

There are many things that used to make me angry but aren't making me so angry anymore. I think that the changing point here came from the fact that I work with the homeless part time. This has really changed my attitude on life. Now the things I once thought were important really aren't. For instance, I wake up feeling blessed to have a bed and a roof, what more do I need? Clothes and food... Got them too. These people have changed my life and made me care deeply about them, which is now where my anger lies: People don't see the homeless as people. They don't get to know them or treat them as humans. The systems that most people feel are there to help the homeless don't work the way they're supposed to... This is now where my anger lies.

I don't think this is something most people realize. We tend to take it for granted that "If these people wanted to get clean and find a home, they would." Sorry, it's really not that simple. There's a whole host of issues at work here. Under the surface, those systems that are meant to help these folks are riddled with red tape (I's that you must dot properly and T's whose lines must be perfectly straight). Sometimes no matter how hard we work to do this, the system still fails these people. Some radical changes must be made - soon!

Do I have the answers for how these changes should come about? No, but I do think that if we as humans were a bit more compassionate, it'd be a great place to start.

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  1. Wonderful post. Imagine how much of a better world this would be if people began to see what they have instead of what they want.