My Intro

My journey began in October 2018 when I crashed. I literally mean my whole body crashed. It was as if I were traveling at 100MPH only to hit a brick wall - not literally, but metaphorically. When all this started I'd just given my life back to Christ and was trying to "figure things out." In fact, I was baptized November 3, 2018 - shortly before things got so much worse and landed me in the hospital for a week. (Praise God for that because I've had such tremendous peace throughout everything.)

Unfortunately, even though I had a Christian doctor on my side, he was beyond confused. He'd never heard/seen anything like what I was going through. My time in the hospital ended up pretty inconclusively. Since then my doctor and I have had many verbal sparring matches. I've also become the best advocate for my own health. Through the help of Dr. Joel Rosen I've eventually managed to make a come back.

While I'm still a work in progress, herein lies my journey and it's many parts. This blog is also a work in progress, but together we'll find the secret to wholeness in Jesus' name.